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Brothers Awareness


Cameron and Hunter grew up in Lexington, MA. Both began abusing substances at the age of 13, and struggled with their addiction for over a decade. Today, they are sober and dedicated to spreading awareness about substance abuse.

Our Mission

Brothers Awareness was founded with a single mission - to educate and spread awareness about substance abuse. We want to remove the stigma around substance abuse and reduce the number of youth falling victim to drugs and alcohol. 10% of all profits will be donated to help those in need of financial assistance for substance abuse treatment.

Who We Are

What We Do

Brothers Awareness offers speaking engagements to communities, institutions, groups, families and individuals. We share our stories and experiences with substance abuse, and the steps we took to overcome it. By sharing these first-hand experiences, we hope to empower schools and communities to better understand the topic of substance abuse, as well as better equipped them to help those struggling.

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